About Us

DewMal was founded in 2019. Since then we are pioneering health promotion through social media and the internet. We have developed our interest our medical and nursing education over time.

We educate people on their health.

Life is Saving Lives – 100 % Free Health Promotion

We believe in free health care for every human being. DewMal is dedicated to providing free health education and health promotion via social media and the internet. Visit our social media profiles for more information.

We Help You Stay Healthy

The Founders

DewMal was founded and managed by Yomal Amarathunge and Harshani Dewamuni.

Yomal Amarathunge

I am the fouder of DewMal. Curently a final year medical undergraduate. Web & Mobile developer.

Harshani Dewamuni

I am the co-founder of DewMal. Currently a registered nurse. Software developer.